Spring is back. And as Canadians, there are few things we look forward to more than warmer weather, longer days, and outdoor activities. But this is also the time of year when our accommodations could most use a top to bottom clean. After being cooped up in our homes all winter, it’s a necessary evil. 

And it seems as if most of us are onboard. In fact, 60% of Canadians are expected to have a solid spring cleaning session this year. And one of the areas that will surely need some love is your closet. 

This essential space we use all the time as a storage solution remains largely ignored. Keep reading to learn the 3 easy steps to clean out your closet this spring season. 

1. Schedule the Cleaning

Generally speaking, if something isn’t scheduled, it’s not going to get done. Our lives are busy. We have obligations, responsibilities, and a whole host of commitments constantly tugging at us daily. For this reason, closet organization is not exactly at the top of most people’s to-do list; unless they intentionally put it there. 

And so it is with you…

You must schedule a time and day to go in and clean your closet. 

I know this may seem rather rudimentary, but let’s face it – forgetting is easy. Despite our best intentions, all it takes is a few minutes for us to completely forget our “priorities” for a particular day. 

So schedule when you’ll clean your closet. Write it down; put it in your day planner, set an alert notification on your phone, and write it on your calendar. By putting it in your schedule in this manner, it will be next to impossible to let it slip your mind.

2. Empty the Whole Closet

Remove everything. Your books, clothes, accessories, even your hangers should be taken out. Throw it all into a giant pile on your bed or on the floor. With a completely empty closet, you now have the elbow room to give this space a truly thorough and detailed cleaning. 

Now you can get to every corner, crack, nook, and cranny. Leave no stone unturned. If you were to leave certain items in the closet over others, it would have hindered your ability to provide a rigorous cleaning to the entire space. 

Additionally, if you hadn’t laid everything out in the open, you would have difficulty fully implementing the next step

3. Throw Out What You No Longer Need

Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning. It’s about “downsizing” in a sense. It’s the time of year when you can go through everything to your name and decide what you truly need and what’s just taking up space. This same principle applies to closet cleaning. 

Sift through your garments, products, and other items and be honest with yourself as to what you truly need. 

Maybe it’s time to finally throw out that mixtape from your ex, or discard your old, sweat-stained basketball jersey from senior year. These memorabilia aren’t doing a whole lot to make your closet clean and tidy – in fact, quite the opposite is true. 

You don’t need to throw out everything. If a particular item has sentimental value, then perhaps put it in a container and then place it in a storage unit of some sort. The idea is to clear your closet of what you no longer use regularly. This will allow for more “breathing room” in this space for other items that are more important to you.

And lastly, getting rid of items you no longer use or need also helps with your mental health. You’ll feel more clear and unobstructed in your thinking, and that will go a long way in other areas of your life. 

Final Thoughts

Spring isn’t just a time to get outdoors, it’s also a great period to clear up what’s happening indoors. And consequently, free yourself from the proverbial weight that’s been hindering your ability to feel more at ease. 

We here at Custom Roll-Out Drawers want you to “Love Your Closet Again!” If you’re in need of or interested in learning more about pantry, closet, or garage organization in addition to home office solutions and residential accessories – then contact us today for additional information

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