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Laundry cabinet refacing is a simple, cost-effective alternative to remodeling your entire laundry room.

Simply replace your outdated door and drawer fronts with an updated style and color, add floating shelves to create a stylish look or add organizational details such as hanging rods, or extra cabinets for more storage! And you can enjoy your new laundry room at a fraction of the cost of replacing your cabinets.

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Laundry Cabinet Refacing

Why replace your laundry room cabinets when you can reface them?

Laundry room cabinet refacing – You will not only save a lot of time by refacing your laundry room cabinets, but you’ll also save a lot of money too.

Most laundry rooms take only a few days to complete and are a fraction of the cost of replacing all cabinets. The process is a collaborative effort which involves removing your existing laundry fronts and replacing them with new fronts designed to fit your existing space perfectly. We replace old hardware with new ones you have chosen, and finally, we laminate or veneer the cabinet boxes to match your new doors.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improve the look of your laundry room without a major renovation
  • No need to change the flooring, paint or cabinet boxes
  • Add space with extra cabinets (optional)
  • Increase the resale value of your home with beautiful new laundry room cabinetry.
  • Enjoy a laundry room cabinet refacing design that matches your preference and personality
  • Personalized cabinets to store bleach, detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers, and other cleaning supplies
  • Add hanging rods to keep your items crisp and wrinkle free straight from the dryer
  • Install racks to store towels, laundry hampers, ironing boards, and more

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If you want to add more features to your laundry room cabinetry, you can! Let us know what you’re imagining, and we’ll make it a reality!

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How it works

1. Arrange a Free Virtual Design Consult or In-Home One on One Visit

Our experienced laundry cabinet refacing experts will arrange a time to talk about laundry upgrades: Are we changing the doors and fronts only or a complete Restyle? Do we want to convert from lower cabinet Doors to Drawers?

Etc. Time Frame: 1-2 hrs.

2. Design Approval

Once color, style, finishes and accessories are determined, our Experts will use an exclusive software program to accurately price out your Restyled laundry room. Once your restyling plan is approved, we use a two-page detailed contract ensuring all details are covered, avoiding any interpretation issues moving forward. Detailed measurements and installation dates are chosen.

Congratulations on your decision to Restyle Your Laundry Room!

At this time, a 50% deposit is required. Approx. design time 1-2 hours

3. On-Site Detailed Measure

This is the most important stage in the process; this is when all measurements take place (Measure twice… cut once definitely applies here!) Our consultant will need exclusive access to all areas to be updated so all necessary products needed for your project are ordered or manufactured on time for the scheduled install date. Now is the time to make any last-minute changes or upgrades; product changes after this may incur additional charges.

Usual lead time from approval to install date, approx. 3-5 weeks.

4. Install

Our professional installers will arrive with all tools & products (Cabinet doors & drawer fronts, hinges, handles & hardware) needed to complete your laundry room makeover. Our installers will need exclusive use of the laundry room, so please don’t schedule other contractors until our part of the project is complete. But don’t worry. We use specialized tools and jigs, so the installation time is minimized, allowing your laundry room restyle to be completed in just a few days!

Approx. install time needed depends on the scale of the project you are doing … Count on 1-4 days. (Add an extra day if getting new countertops!)

5. Enjoy your Restyled Cabinets!

Our restyling warranty covers all parts and labour for one full year… In addition, cabinet doors and drawer fronts come with an additional FOUR years of coverage (Warranty covers warping, peeling, chipping or fading). Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Choose from a wide selection of laundry room cabinet refinishing options.

Cabinet resurfacing can add a completely new appearance to your laundry room in a matter of days. The process of laundry room cabinet refacing allows you to keep the current cabinet arrangement but update everything else, from the drawer fronts, top-level surfacing, and hardware with a whole new style and colour.

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