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Cabinet Refacing

If you chose a new color for your kitchen on average it will be completed in 3-5 days. A door and drawer front only project could be done in 1-2 days

Yes, love your white kitchen just update the door style for a fresh new look.

Yes, we can replace over the fridge or stove cabinets to make room for larger appliances or add a pantry for more storage.

Absolutely you can.

Yes it sure is, you can lower a raised breakfast bar to have one large surface or add cabinets across the back for more storage.

Yes, one lite up to nine light doors are available in most door styles.

A prefinished door will last much longer than paint and you can update the style of the door at the same time.


Our system is engineered to minimize installation time. We use pre-manufactured components and our professional installers will assemble it at your home. There is minimal cutting and drilling onsite, which is completed outdoors. An average installation requires approximately one hour per wall. If your walk-in closet has three walls, you should estimate three hours for its installation. Thus, a whole house installation may take one or more days to complete. Our installers pride themselves on promptness, and will always give you the courtesy of calling if they are delayed. Your only job is to remove everything from the closet before the Installers arrive.

Our Closet components are made right here in Canada! The factory is in Ontario and contributes to the Canadian economy.

Our closet shelves are 14” deep, which is the depth most functional for storing garments such as sweaters, shirts and shoes. The material is 5/8”, ¾” or 1” industrial grade particle board which is covered with a thermal-fused laminate. Thermal-fused laminate is the same material used in the production of high-pressure laminate (formica). It is non-flammable as well as heat, shrink and abrasion resistant. The finish will not scuff, peel or come off when using cleansers. Our poles are made of heavy duty steel (20 gauge). Some doors use a thermofoil manufacturing process and some products are powder coated.

Our systems are designed to meet the individual needs of each customer. Our designers work with your unique needs to design the best space for you!

The designer will provide a free, no obligation design consultation which includes wardrobe analysis, measurements of the closet and existing wardrobe and drawings of the new closet design including any related accessory products. Our designers are well-trained professionals who are very knowledgeable about storage solutions for all types of problems.

Adjustability is a key selling point of our system. The simple and reliable safety shelf support is designed to ensure the adjustable shelves remain in position and do not slide on top of the supports. The system can be modified as your wardrobe changes, i.e., winter, summer, more clothes, etc. Pole heights can be adjusted when side panels are installed on both sides of hanging sections.

No. Our installers are experienced and have the proper tools. We can generally install in the fraction of the time it would take an inexperienced person to install the system.

Quartz Cover Ups

Sheets are 51” x 120”

Yes, our experienced installers and fabricators have the skills and techniques to work with drop in or undermount sinks.

Yes, we are doing this type of change all the time.

Extremely strong rated 7.6 on the MOHs scale (diamonds are a 10)

No, Quartz Cover ups are non-porous and antimicrobial. These hygienic, low maintenance countertops are low maintenance.

No you do not, some customers chose too update the back splash but it is not mandatory as is with granite. We just need to know what you plan to do.

Not all Quartz is equal, our Quartz Cover-ups contain over 90% natural Quartz

Roll-Out Drawers

The drawers are designed to carry up to 75 lbs

Every half inch from 8 to 32, standard lengths are 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22” and Standard depths are 4, 6 or 8”

Melamine and the stock colors are white or hard rock maple finish

Yes, we will replace your shelves with full depth ones and secure the Roll-Out Drawers in place. You will double your usable storage space!

Sometimes yes, as long as the cabinet is less than 32” wide and the divider is not structural. If you are going to reface the kitchen, consider converting this cabinet to pots and pans drawers.

Generally, orders are manufactured in 10-15 business days and installation is complete in 1 day. The hardest part will be emptying your cabinets!

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