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Refacing your surfaces can save you thousands of dollars over replacing them….

And this isn’t just true of kitchen cabinets but your bathroom cabinets as well!

Reawaken your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal by taking advantage of our refacing cabinet services today.

The easy removal of old and pain-free installation of new cupboard fronts allows you to effortlessly dispense with shabby cabinets and rickety drawers that date your bathroom.

Bathroom Refacing Cabinet

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Why replace your bathroom cabinets when you can reface them?

Avoid costly and time-consuming renovations by taking advantage of our bathroom cabinet refinishing services today.

Your bathroom should look presentable. And now, with Custom Roll-Out Drawers’ bathroom cabinet refacing services, you can get fully redecorated surfaces on all drawers, cupboards, and cabinets within your bathroom. Each modified and newly installed drawer front is customized to fit the frame of your bathroom cabinet fixture. This is followed by the lamination process, where the existing cabinets are veneered to complement the newly installed drawer fronts.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhanced overall bathroom appearance without the need for expensive remodeling
  • Retain the current floorplan, cabinet frames, colour, and paint
  • Luxury finishes give incredible results of long-lasting value
  • Updated style and presentation create a more modern look for your bathroom
  • Fast results, the project will be finished within days, not months or weeks!

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If you want to add more features to your space, you can! Let us know what you’re imagining, and we’ll do our best to make it a reality!

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How it works

1. Arrange a Free Virtual Design Consult or In-Home One on One Visit

Our trusted and experienced team of Bathroom Restyling experts will set up a time to discuss bathroom customization options. We’ll go over your requests; do you want cabinet fronts adjusted, doors replaced, or a complete overhaul of the whole bathroom?

Etc. Time Frame: 1-2 hrs.

2. Design Approval

When the details of your bathroom project are settled (style, tones, types of finishing, etc), your project will be run through a software program that accurately estimates the price. Upon the approval of the plan, a comprehensive two-paged contract is drawn to secure the details; ensuring all aspects of the project are properly covered to leave no room for confusion for either party. The dates will then be chosen – a 50% deposit will be required at this point.

Approx. design time 1-2 hours

3. On-Site Detailed Measure

Once the proper measurements are taken, our specialist will require access to each area that is to be updated. This is to ensure each product for your project is ordered or produced promptly to meet the date of installation. It’s at this point that your last chance for any additional adjustments or changes should be made.

Usual lead time from approval to install date, approx. 3-5 weeks.

4. Install

Our expert installers come with the tools, materials, and products (cabinet doors & drawer fronts, hinges, handles & hardware) required to complete your bathroom project.

They will require exclusive access (and use) to your bathroom, so please refrain from scheduling other contractors until this portion of the workload has been completed. But you can be at ease; we use exclusive tools and instruments to reduce installation time, enabling the completion of your bathroom in as little as a few days! Time Frame: Install time is based on the size and scope of your bathroom refacing project. About 1-4 days. (Add a day if you’re getting new countertops!)

Approx. Install time is based on the size and scope of your bathroom refacing project. About 1-4 days. (Add a day if you’re getting new countertops!)

5. Enjoy your Restyled Cabinets!

The last step is to celebrate the refacing of your bathroom! Enjoy the new countertops, the modernized drawer fronts, and the freshly designed cabinets that now add a refreshing touch of life back into the confines of your newly remodelled bathroom!

Bathroom Cabinet Resurfacing

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Choose from a wide selection of bathroom cabinet refinishing options.

Cabinet resurfacing can add a completely new appearance to your bathroom in a matter of days. The process of bathroom cabinet refacing allows you to keep the current cabinet arrangement but update everything else, from the drawer fronts, top-level surfacing, and hardware with a whole new style and colour.

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Frequently asked questions

Bathroom cabinet refacing is less expensive, requires less time and is a less invasive option compared to a complete cabinet replacement. When your bathroom cabinets are in good condition, refacing can refresh their appearance for a lower cost than a full renovation.

Bathroom cabinet refacing typically takes 2-4 days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the job. Compared to a total cabinet replacement, refacing is a much faster project.

Updating the appearance of your bathroom cabinets by refacing them can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom, ultimately increasing the value of your home. Like any home renovation, big or small, refacing is a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home.

We have various options to make your bathroom exactly as you envision. From colours, finishes, hardware, and the ability to add additional cabinets,roll-out drawers, over the john cabinet, let us know what you’re imagining, and we’ll do our best to make it a reality!

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