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Enjoy your pantry again! Save time and stress when searching your pantry. No more climbing on stools to see what’s at the back. No more getting down on your knees to reach the back of the bottom shelf. With custom closet organization, you can make accessing what you need quick and effortless. Our pantry custom closet organization will help you maximize every inch of space you have.

Design a pantry that will make you want to cook again. From our exclusive Italian-made 5 piece products to our sleek, modern line, our in-home cabinetry is customized to fit your unique style and budget. All types of pantries can be converted.

We also offer a complete line of high-quality closet and pantry accessories in a variety of finishes to help keep you organized and simplify your life.

Simplify your life

Storage solutions that fit your lifestyle

As the most used space in a home, your kitchen and pantry deserve smart solutions designed for the way you live and cook. Our consultants work with you to make sure that your pantry has everything you need to carry out day-to-day tasks with ease and convenience.

Our custom closet organization designs make it easy to keep a clutter-free pantry with frequently used items visibly stored for quick and effortless access.

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Custom accessories for every kitchen

Save time and space with customized storage accessories

Choose from an assortment of organizational accessories, including turning shelves, Roll-Out Drawers, slide-out wine holders, wire baskets, and more to meet your unique needs. No more unnecessary bending, reaching, and climbing – our personalized designs work for pantries of all sizes. Enjoy your kitchen again with our time-saving and stress-free pantry closet organization systems!

Simplify your life

An organized pantry can simplify your life by saving you time and reducing stress when it comes to meal preparation. With everything neatly arranged and easily accessible, you can quickly find ingredients, spices, and snacks, eliminating the frustration of rummaging through cluttered shelves. With clear visibility of what you have on hand, you can plan meals more efficiently, make accurate shopping lists, and avoid purchasing duplicate items.

Aesthetically pleasing design

Easy to navigate and clutter-free

From school lunches to family holiday feasts, our priority is to create a pantry space that allows you to find everything you need with ease. Customize your pantry closet organization with open shelving to keep frequently used items visible and cabinets to hide unsightly objects. With our beautiful custom designs, you’ll enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and organized pantry.

Custom designs to meet your needs and budget

When you choose Custom Roll-Out Drawers for your organizational systems, our professional team works with you to find a custom closet organization system that fits your budget and your space. Add value to your home and transform your pantry with our personalized storage solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our top tips to keep your pantry organized:

  • Categorize your items and group similar items together
  • Use containers for loose items like pasta, cereal, flour, snacks, and more to maintain a tidy appearance
  • Utilize adjustable shelving or racks
  • Use mesh baskets to store certain fruits and vegetables
  • Use custom roll-out drawers for easy access
  • Regularly declutter and organize

No. We will remove your existing shelving and ensure a smooth and clean installation process with minimal disruption to your home environment.

Wood shelving and wire shelving are some of the most popular materials for pantries.

Prices for pantry organization can vary significantly depending on the extent of organization required and the size of your pantry. Our team will work closely with you to evaluate your needs and provide personalized recommendations. Our estimator will take precise measurements of all the spaces that you approve for the installation of your customized closet organization system and provide an accurate estimate.