Out of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen is the area that can become the most cluttered and overwhelming. And when it comes to finding more space, many resources out there will recommend getting rid of small appliances, tools, and items that you don’t need. But, what if you use all of the items in your kitchen and you still find yourself limited in space?

Oftentimes, the problem is not how many items you have or that you’re disorganized, but can indicate an issue with the overall storage system. If you take a look at your pantry and cabinets and you see a lot of overhead space that is not being used, then the solution would be to maximize the space you do have

This guide is for the homeowner who wants to do some serious organizing and is looking to invest in custom shelving to utilize every inch of their kitchen storage space. Here are 4 ways to make more room in your kitchen.

1. Incorporate adjustable shelves

Most kitchens in Calgary feature a pantry with generic shelving, top and bottom cabinets, under-the-sink storage, and some drawers in-between. The issue with this is that our needs shift over time and you can see how life progresses by how we use our kitchen and the items we acquire over the years.

For example, new parents may need to reach for their InstaPot more often to prepare quick meals. Suddenly, you need extra storage space to accommodate baby bottles, children’s bowls, cups, and cutlery. Or perhaps you’ve taken up a love of baking and have added new small appliances to your collection, like a mixer and baking tools.

The beauty of adjustable shelves is that you can alter the layout of your pantry and cabinets based on your needs at the moment. You can adjust shelving to perfectly fit items so that there is no empty overhead space above and customize to your liking.

2. Add roll-out shelves

With custom roll-out shelving, you can utilize every inch of space in your pantry and cabinets without having to dig through items at the front to get to the ones in the back. 

One of the benefits of roll-out shelving is that you can quickly and easily look at all the products you have. Sometimes, when items are way in the back or aren’t visible, we end up buying the same products without realizing that we already have what we needed. This leads to more clutter and more storage space used. Roll-out drawers save you time, effort, and money and make using your kitchen that much more enjoyable.

3. Use rotation to your advantage

One of the most valuable organizational tools is a Lazy Susan, which is basically a platform that rotates. We can take this same concept and expand it so that a corner of your pantry, cabinet, or even a dedicated area in your kitchen becomes a rotating storage solution. This is a smart and efficient way to use every inch of storage space and eliminates the often wasted corner of shelving. 

4. Add customized accessories

Do you use a lot of canned goods? Are you a wine lover? Do you need a dedicated area for baking tools and ingredients? One of the best things about having customized accessories is that they are tailored to your needs. While pre-made organizational solutions from a big box store can get the job done, they may not make sense for your lifestyle and interests – or even fit your pantry or cabinets, for that matter. 

When working with professional cabinet and organizational experts, you have a designer who will create a plan based on the layout and size of your kitchen pantry and cabinets. The process becomes an investment that will pay off in the long run, including increasing the value of your home and giving you a tidy kitchen free of constraint and clutter.

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