The kitchen. Your hub for meal preparation, miscellaneous storage, and familial gatherings. With such responsibilities placed on a single room, it makes sense that you’d want to have it as clean and spotless as possible. Although there are many ways to reach that unblemished condition, one method in particular is especially useful: cabinet refacing

The process of cabinet refacing involves the replacing of cabinet doors, drawer fronts, knobs, etc, and restoring them with new and updated finishings. Thereby, giving your entire kitchen a whole new look and feel. 

It’s a straightforward process that is more than worth it in the end. However, if you’re still skeptical; here are 6 unique benefits of cabinet refacing.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Typically, cabinet refacing costs are about 50% lower relative to what you’d spent to replace your cabinets entirely. As such, the process of cabinet refacing for your kitchen, can help you save much of your hard-earned money. In most cases, refacing revitalizes your cabinets; making them appear more pristine and well-kempt. 

It is an ideal solution for giving your kitchen cabinets a ‘face-lift’ without having to incur any major alterations to the structure of your kitchen.

2. It’s Easy

The whole procedure of replacing your cabinets is a huge undertaking that often requires many days (or in some cases, weeks) to complete. This typically results in numerous disruptions in your regular schedule in order to see the job through to the end. However, with cabinet refacing, the process is a much less intrusive task, and usually only requires a couple of days.

3. It Minimizes Waste

If you can, it’s best to avoid removing your current kitchen cabinets and replacing them if they are all still in good working condition. The replacing and installation process will can lead to unnecessary waste in landfills, which can cause a build-up of dangerous waste over time. Moroever, you’ll need to spend more money to purchase brand new kitchens cabinets as well.

4. It Provides Several Finishing Options

When it comes to cabinet refacing, you have at your disposal a vast array of shades, tones, colours, and appearance options for your selection. You may choose any of the available real wood veneers – birch, maple, and hickory. By choosing the proper doors and covers, you can alter the grain in addition to the appearance of the wood. 

5. Its An Environment-Friendly Choice

The majority of cabinets possess a menacing component called formaldehyde. It’s a dangerous chemical, and can be very insidious if it finds its way into the landfills. By choosing cabinet refacing, you are – albeit in a small way – helping to protect the environment. 

Certain providers of refinishing services offer recycling services of removed parts such as drawers, hinges, cabinet doors, etc. Furthermore, cabinet refacing safeguards you from chopping down trees to make new cabinets. As a result, it’s a green and environmentally-friendly alternative.

6. It Revitalizes Your Kitchen

The last benefit (and also one of the best) of cabinet refacing is that it adds new life to your kitchen space. Due to all the cooking and food preparation that takes place in this area, ensuring that it’s clean and sanitary is non negotiable. And aside from scrubbing your kitchen from top to bottom, cabinet refacing is one of the effective ways to ensure the cleanliness of your kitchen. 

Are You Ready to Try Cabinet Refacing?

As you can see, cabinet refacing is an exceptional alternative to add a new and enlivening feel and appearance to your kitchen cabinets. Aside from it being cost-effective, green, and less complex, it also assists with saving more money, time, in addition to effort.

At Custom Roll-Out Drawers, we have been providing affordable kitchen storage solutions to Calgary and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years. As such, our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, expert designers, and experienced fabricators can ensure quality service for your kitchen needs – whatever they happen to be. 

If you’d like to learn more about cabinet refacing, or simply have a few questions that you’d like answers to, be sure to contact us today for additional information. 

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