Every homeowner has a to-do list of home improvement projects they want to complete. Kitchen improvements are often at the top of those lists, but a complete renovation is a huge undertaking. Alternative projects, like refacing kitchen cabinets, additional storage, installing roll-out drawers, and upgrading countertops, can cost significantly less and create a transformation you’ll love.

The Challenge of Kitchen Renovations

A complete kitchen renovation can present significant challenges, preventing many people from updating their kitchens when they want or need to. The largest deterrent is the cost. As new cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring are added, budgets can quickly be blown.

The time commitment for a complete remodel is significant, and such projects can span several weeks to months. During this time, the kitchen may be partially or entirely unusable, disrupting daily life. The complexity of coordinating various contractors, like plumbers, electricians and carpenters, adds another layer of stress and potential for delays.

The extensive nature of full renovations often requires permits and adherence to building codes, further complicating the process. Given these factors, homeowners may find the prospect of a complete kitchen renovation daunting financially and logistically, making alternative solutions like cabinet refacing an appealing, efficient, and cost-effective option.

Understanding Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinet refacing involves replacing the door and drawer fronts, adding new hardware, such as handles and knobs, while keeping the cabinet boxes intact. This process can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen, making it look brand new without the extensive costs and time associated with full kitchen remodels.

Beyond kitchen cabinet refacing, adding moulding and customizable features makes your kitchen your own. During a cabinet refacing project, it’s a great time to add storage to create a more beautiful, functional kitchen.

Why Refacing Instead of Renovating?

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is more than just a cost-effective solution. It’s a smart, time-saving choice that delivers significant aesthetic improvements without the hassle of a complete remodel. Compared to a full kitchen remodel, you’ll save time and money and can avoid the disruption of a major construction project.

Reduced Overall Cost

Refacing cabinets is significantly less expensive than a complete kitchen renovation. By keeping the existing cabinet framework and focusing on updating the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, homeowners can achieve a fresh look without the high costs associated with new cabinetry and structural changes.

Less Time and Disruption

Unlike complete renovations that can leave the kitchen out of commission for weeks or months, cabinet refacing is quicker and often completed within a few days. This reduced timeline minimizes the disruption to daily life, allowing households to return to normalcy much faster. Instead of living on takeout for a few months, you can have a couple of pizza nights and return to your kitchen, making your favourite home-cooked meals again.

Less Complexity

Full renovations require coordinating various tradespeople, from electricians to plumbers and carpenters, which can complicate scheduling and project management. Cabinet refacing is a more straightforward project involving fewer professionals and less logistical complexity.

Environmental Considerations

By choosing to reface rather than replace, homeowners contribute to waste reduction. Keeping the existing cabinetry reduces the construction waste sent to landfills and the need for new raw materials, making refacing a more environmentally friendly choice.

Flexibility in Design

Refacing allows for considerable customization in terms of finishes, colours, and hardware. You can choose from various options to update your kitchen’s appearance in line with current trends or personal preferences without being limited by the structure of their existing cabinets.

Preservation of Existing Layout

If the kitchen layout is functional and meets your needs, refacing keeps the existing foundation intact while providing a significant aesthetic upgrade. This is particularly beneficial when the kitchen’s size or structure limits the possibilities for extensive remodelling.

Value Addition

Refaced kitchen cabinets, upgraded countertops, and new, sleek hardware can significantly increase a home’s appeal and resale value. It provides a fresh, updated look that potential buyers appreciate without the homeowner having to invest in a costly and time-consuming full renovation.

The Process of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets with Custom Roll-Out Drawers

Custom Roll-Out Drawers has been Calgary’s leader in kitchen cabinet refacing for 20 years. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners transform their kitchens for a fraction of the cost of a kitchen renovation. Working with us includes a comprehensive consultation, in-house manufacturing, and a quick yet efficient installation process.

Consultation and Design

Kitchen cabinet refacing begins with a virtual or in-home consultation to discuss your kitchen upgrade needs. Whether you’re looking to replace doors and fronts only or aiming for a complete kitchen restyle, our experts are ready to guide you through selecting colours, styles, finishes, and accessories. Our exclusive software ensures accurate pricing, leaving no room for surprises.

Measuring and Manufacturing

Precision is key in the refacing process, so our consultants take detailed on-site measurements to ensure everything fits perfectly. The time from design approval to installation is swift, ensuring your kitchen transformation happens in a timely manner. We manufacture everything in-house, passing the savings along to our customers.


Our professional installers have the specialized tools and products to revamp your kitchen. We understand the importance of your space, which is why we ensure a quick yet thorough installation process while minimizing the disruption to your daily life.

Enjoying Your New Kitchen

Once installation is complete, the immediate impact on your home’s aesthetics and functionality will be unmatched. Our comprehensive warranty covers all parts and labour, and you can enjoy your restyled kitchen with complete peace of mind.

Beyond Basic Refacing: Customization and Upgrades

The Custom Roll-Out Drawers team offers many customization options beyond basic refacing. From roll-out drawers that enhance accessibility to luxurious countertop upgrades and sophisticated crown mouldings, we ensure your refaced kitchen meets and exceeds your expectations.

Choosing Custom Roll-Out Drawers to Transform Your Kitchen

For 20 years, Custom Roll-Out Drawers has been at the forefront of kitchen restyling, offering customers quality, efficiency, and personalized service. We offer excellent financing options, ensuring your dream kitchen is within reach. Visit our showroom at 7521 Flint Rd SE to see our incredible range of products.

Our commitment to your vision starts with a free, no-obligation quote and doesn’t end until you are delighted with your kitchen’s new look. From our free in-home consultation to the final installation, we’re with you every step of the way, ready to turn your ideas into reality with kitchen cabinet refacing in Calgary.

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