Clothes, so many clothes! What can you do to make sure your closet space stays looking organized so you can find what you need on a whim? Here are some impressive ways to keep things tidy and prevent your pants, skirts, and prized shirts from getting wrinkled.

Custom closets in Calgary

Look for a local company that can build you a dream custom closet at an affordable price. Creating an organized space for your clothes is easier than you think. Nobody likes to sort through a cluttered space when preparing for a job interview or heading out to work first thing in the morning. Here are some great additions to your existing closet that help keep everything orderly and neat:

  • Vertical shelving
  • Built-in drawers
  • Pull out baskets
  • Multiple hanging rods installed at specific heights

When you store your favorite silk dress or designer suit properly, there are no surprises for date night when you realize your choice outfit is completely wrinkled or damaged. Save yourself from stress by having a custom closet filled with proper storage spaces.

Calgary closet organizers

Keeping your clothes hung or folded properly is reliant upon utilizing the proper closet organizers in Calgary. If you don’t have a custom closet, you can add to your current space with some of the following:

  • Hanging hooks
  • Pants Racks
  • Valet Rod

These items keep your clothes hung or folded neatly so they don’t get squished together in the tight space you currently have. It’s all about working with the proper tools to get organized.

Properly hanging and folding your clothes

There are specific ways to hang and fold your clothes so they don’t get wrinkled. How do you keep your clothes looking freshly pressed?

  • Non-slip hangers: Many delicate items like silk tank tops can fall off the hanger and get wrinkled if they go unnoticed on the closet floor but non-slip hangers help prevent this disaster from happening.
  • Clip hangers: Hangers with clamps allow you to hang your suit pants from the bottom edge so the material does not crease as it would when folding them in half over a regular hanger.
  • Button or zip your clothes while on the hanger: When your clothes are buttoned or zipped up, they keep their form better and are less likely to slip off.

*Never ever use wire hangers since they can rust and cause your beautiful clothing to discolour.

*Know the type of materials you should hang versus fold. Jersey and knitwear need to be folded or they could stretch out if hung on a hanger. Linen and silk should be hung to prevent wrinkles and creases in the delicate fabric.

There are so many reasons to implement the proper hanging tips and storage of your clothing. Whether you are preparing for your first day of work, have a photoshoot, or just want to look impressive, you want your clothes to look brand new instead of just taken out of the laundry basket.

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