Home trends come and go, but making changes around your house can keep you feeling excited about your space and happy where you’re living. Many homeowners continuously want to make minor changes to complete renovations if they have the budget. The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and it typically gets a lot of traffic, so an upgrade can make a significant impact on how you feel about your space. 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

As far as home renovations go, cabinet refacing is a practical upgrade that’s more affordable than a full renovation. Cabinet refacing involves putting new cabinet doors on your existing cabinets, breathing new life into your kitchen. Here are some reasons why Calgary homeowners choose kitchen cabinet refacing over a complete kitchen remodel. 

Minimal Construction is Required

Whether you want to install new cabinet doors yourself or hire a team of professionals to take care of the job, your kitchen won’t be unusable like it would be if you were to do a full renovation. When you use a professional like Custom Roll-Out Drawers, our team is in and out, leaving your home better than when we came in with no mess left behind. 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is Economical with Less Waste

When your cabinets are still in excellent condition, but you want an aesthetic change, refacing is a fantastic solution. Reduce waste by refacing the doors with a style and new hardware you love. Refacing is a more affordable way to update the way your kitchen looks, and you can even add extra cabinets if you need more storage space. 

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

With Calgary’s current competitive real estate market, many homeowners are gearing up to put their homes up for sale. A kitchen refresh will look fantastic for potential buyers, and it’s a small investment compared to a remodel that could provide a considerable return by getting a better sale price. 

It’s an Easy DIY Job

Refacing can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen with new cabinets, even as a beginner in the do-it-yourself world. Since it’s a minimally invasive project, you can do it over a week and still have full use of your kitchen. If you have the skills and know how to reface your kitchen, Custom Roll-out Drawers can provide the custom materials for your project. Bring in your measurements, choose a door style and colour, you’re on your way to a kitchen upgrade!

There’s a Variety of Options

One of the benefits of a full kitchen remodel is that you can design your kitchen to meet your desired style and specifications. If you still love the layout of your kitchen, refacing can offer a similar result for much less money. With a wide variety of styles, colours, and hardware, choosing your perfect kitchen cabinets is easy. 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Calgary

A new kitchen is just a click away with Custom Roll-Out Drawers. Your vision for your new kitchen is our priority, and we offer a wide range of products to help bring your vision to life. Our kitchen cabinet refacing services offer so much value, and we’ve helped thousands of Calgary homeowners fall in love with their kitchens again. Book your free consultation today.

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