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Start your day off in peace and relaxation with a tailored, custom closet space that allows you to choose your outfit with ease and comfort.

No need to spend endless time searching for your favourite shirt or the perfect belt to match your outfit, as with all custom closets, ALL of your clothing and accessories are at your fingertips.

Why closet organization is a necessity:

We are used to seeing the basic one rod with a shelf above across a closet. This worked many years ago when people only had a few outfits to wear, women typically wore full-length dresses, people had only two to three pairs of shoes. Dresser drawers were for only a few folded items and sock and undergarments.

We are now living in a society where we now have a vast amount of different dressing items to store but attempting to use the basic out-dated system. Existing homes still have a basic rod or wire systems and when a new home is built, we continue to be provided with limited generic options only.

We Own More Clothes Than Ever Before

In the current times that we live in, we now tend to own a variety of waist length items, some ¾ length items, and very few full-length items from one’s neck to ankle if any, a variety of shoes, a collection of accessories including laundry, belts, ties, scarfs, jewellery and watches. When we attempt to store these items in an existing one rod and shelf/hanging system closet, it tends to create a big space above the hanging, and a big space below the hanging items. In the shelf above the hanging, some of us attempt to store folded clothes and bulky items, which when you attempt to reach these items an avalanche affect can occur. In the space below some of us store shoes and maybe some knapsacks type items and it is always messy, hard to get to and find things. Sometimes we have tried to put some shoe shelves on the floor to help, but it is still cluttered because the shoe shelf is hard to get to, hard to keep organized, and still doesn’t provide enough storage for all our shoes.

We also lean towards hanging most of our clothes because we may not have or have room for a dresser, and if we do have a dresser we find the clothing we folded nicely at some point, to be all wrinkled. This is because we were digging in the drawers through layers to find what we were looking for.

Clothes Damage?

Since typically, there is only one hanging height only available in a closet, we hang different types and clothes randomly often squished which makes it very difficult to find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, some clothing gets damaged from being hung with stretching and developing hanger bumps on the shoulders. Damage can also occur if folded items are not placed on a flat surface, meaning if there placed on something with line in it the clothes will take on these lines and possibly catch on edges.

All of this has caused undue stress in our lives, costs us time, and money not having an effective way to store, have easy access, and protect our valuable items that we have invested in.

Our solution:

Thankfully there are solutions for all this frustration. We provide customized systems that maximize space, create organization, provide easy access to items, flexibility to changing needs, durability to help prolong the life of your items.

There has been a vast amount of research done to come up with a way to maximize space and to organize. We offer a newer approach to this by providing vertical solutions rather than the basic horizontal approach. This utilizes the space below and above the existing hanging. There is a simplicity to the systems, yet it is amazing the variety of customization and personalization that can be created.

We follow the principles of design which is form follows function. Space looks best when it functions the best. This is vital especially to maximize storage in small spaces and creating organization.

Our Storage

Our storage solutions are created from knowing the standard sizing of different lengths and the depths of hanging items, folded item depths and widths, shoe sizing, and other storage objects. This provides the information for the foundation of the systems. Knowing that a folded item and shoes do not take up as much depth as a hanging item dictates where the best placement of these items are located for best access.

We recommend adjustable shelves for folded items, shoes, handbags, knapsacks, and other items for quick access. Folded items are best on shelves because they are easier to see, easy access, and easy to maintain tidiness. If folded items are in drawers we tend to only have access to the top two our three layers and items quickly get lost and messy. We recommend drawers for more personal items like socks and undergarments.

There are many items that we recommend for folding since shelves can in often provide more storage than hanging areas and can prolong the life of your clothing by preventing stretching. These items are some pants, jeans, long sleeve/short sleeve/sleeveless tee-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, stretchy tops, pullover tops, stretchy pants, and shorts.

Our suggestions for hanging items are button up shirts, blouses, dress pant hung by the cuff/long or fold over a hanger, all types of jackets/coats/blazers, skirts, and dresses. It is best to use the same type of hanger in each designated section. By removing wire and plastic hangers (can cause shoulder bumps and slipping) with velvet hangers, and wooden hangers for heavier items like coats, jackets, and pants hung in half, can help with the longevity of your items as well as help with organization.

What About My Shoes?

We often provide a shoe tower with adjustable shelves for shoes. In some cases, we design shelves for shoes above short hanging items because hanging comes out much further than the depth of a shelf for shoes, it is easier access for both items, and a lot easier to keep organized.

We Apply All Our Knowledge and Skill Into Each Build

These are some examples of recommendations and solutions. What is nice about this is when we are in your home for a design consultation, we discuss your needs, assess what you would like to store, measure your space, and design a solution specifically for you. Closets come in many sizes and shapes. We apply our knowledge of the function and versatility of our systems based on your needs to maximize and organize your space.

Once your new system is in place, it will enable you to have peace of mind to be able to group like items, utilize all your space, have easy access to items, and store your items in a way that will protect and promote longevity to your items.

Enjoy your new organized custom closet space!

Based in Calgary, our professional custom closet designers and installers are specialists in creating tailored organized custom closets for the home.

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Closet Storage Accessories

With a full line of cabinetry and storage accessories, we can design a variety of custom closets for any area you desire. Our closet cabinets are available in many colours and styles, ranging from modern to traditional and have many complementary accessories including hooks, rods and baskets; ensuring there are a variety of in-home custom closets to fit your decor and budget.

For some really nice closet ideas that will complement your new closet organization, then look here, we can match, improve on or work with your plans and ideas.

At Custom Roll-Out Drawers, your wishes are our prime concern. If you want to add more features to your new laid out custom closet space, you can! Let us know what you’re imagining and we’ll do our best to make it a reality!

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